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Techniques for Perfecting Your Padel Backhand Slice

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Techniques for Perfecting Your Padel Backhand Slice

As a padel player, one of the most crucial shots you need to master is the backhand slice. It’s a shot that could help you win crucial points and matches, especially when you’re playing against opponents who dominate the net. In this article, we’ll discuss techniques that can help you perfect your padel backhand slice.

Perfecting Your Grip

Before you start practicing your backhand slice, make sure your grip is correct. For a right-handed player, your left hand should be at the top of the handle, and your right hand should be at the bottom. Your grip should allow you to rotate your wrist easily, which is crucial for a perfect backhand slice.

Wrist Action

For a perfect backhand slice, your wrist needs to be whipped sharply at the moment of impact. The best way to practice this is to start slow and gradually increase your speed. Focus on the wrist action, and don’t worry too much about generating power at first. Once you get the wrist action right, you can start adding more power to your shots.


Footwork is essential for any padel shot, including the backhand slice. To execute a backhand slice, first, you need to position yourself correctly. Your feet should be in a slightly open stance, and your weight should be on your back foot. As you swing, transfer your weight to your front foot to generate power.

Shot Selection

The key to mastering the backhand slice is shot selection. You need to understand when to use the backhand slice and when to use other shots, such as the lob or the drive. The backhand slice is an excellent shot when you’re under pressure, and you need to buy some time, or when you’re trying to hit a sharp angle. However, there will be times when other shots are more effective, so don’t rely too much on the backhand slice.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important technique for perfecting your backhand slice is practice. Find a partner or coach who can feed you balls, and focus on your technique as you hit backhand slices. Start slow and gradually increase your speed and power. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not getting it right at first; mastering the backhand slice takes time and patience.

In conclusion, the padel backhand slice is an essential shot in every padel player’s arsenal. With the right grip, wrist action, footwork, shot selection, and practice, you can perfect your backhand slice and become a more versatile and effective player. So get out there and start practicing!

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