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How to Improve Your Padel Backhand Side

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How to Improve Your Padel Backhand Side

As a padel player, you know that having a strong backhand is just as important as having a powerful forehand. Things can get tricky when it comes to tackling a strong ball on your backhand side – this is where you need to have exceptional technique and footwork. Here are some top tips to improve your padel backhand side.

Footwork is Key

Your footwork is essential in padel, especially on your non-dominant side. Make sure you are always in the correct position for the shot by taking small, rapid steps. Don’t take large steps or jump; you’ll lose balance and control, ultimately giving away the point.

Develop a Neutral Grip

One of the most common mistakes players make is having a grip too tight. Having too tight of a grip will hamper your wrist movement, and you’ll lose out on the strength and control of the shot. Instead, try to develop a neutral grip with your thumb on the side and your index finger slightly spread. This will give you more flexibility and stability.

Master the Slice Shot

The slice shot is an essential weapon for any padel player, especially when it comes to hitting on the backhand side. When done right, it’s a shot that can confuse your opponents and even earn you points. Practice finding the best angle to slice the ball, and gradually start adding more power.

Use Your Wrist Practically

Your wrist plays a vital role in the power and direction of the shot. Using it efficiently allows you to maintain better control and accuracy. Keep your wrist relaxed and supple on the start position and use it wisely when hitting the ball. Use your wrist to guide the paddle, not like chopping the ball.

Play More Matches and Practice

The best way to improve your padel backhand side is to play more matches and practice regularly. Familiarize yourself with the feeling of hitting a backhand shot – practice hitting early, late, fast, and slow shots. Observe professional padel players and note how they approach a backhand shot.


Improving your padel backhand side comes down to technique, footwork, and plenty of practice. Keep in mind that just like any other sport, it takes time and patience to develop the necessary skills. Incorporate these tips into your next training session or game, and you’ll be well on your way to having a dominant backhand side.

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