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Techniques for a Strong Padel Backhand Return

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Mastering the Techniques for a Strong Padel Backhand Return

If you want to improve your padel game, the backhand return is a crucial shot to master. A strong padel backhand return will help you win points and dominate your opponent by returning the ball swiftly and effectively, putting them in a defensive position.

Here are some tips to strengthen your padel backhand return:

1. Perfect Your Footwork

Having a stable and balanced stance is the key to a successful backhand return. Focus on your footwork and make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet with your back foot slightly more extended than your front foot.

As your opponent hits the ball, step forward with your front foot and rotate your torso towards the ball. This small adjustment to your position will allow you to generate power and control in your return.

2. Use the Right Technique

There are two types of padel backhand returns: the sliced backhand and the drive backhand. The sliced backhand is an excellent option for defensive play, while the drive backhand is a more aggressive shot to use when you have a chance to win the point.

To execute the sliced backhand, keep your wrist straight and your racket face perpendicular to the ground. Softly hit the ball with the backside of the racket and aim to keep the ball low and close to the net.

For the drive backhand, keep your wrist loose and snap it forward as you hit the ball. Your racket face should be angled slightly upwards, and you should aim to hit the ball with a strong, firm stroke.

3. Practice with a Partner

The best way to improve your padel backhand return is to practice with a partner. Have them hit the ball to your backhand side, and focus on your technique and timing.

Start with slow and controlled hits and gradually increase the speed and power of the returns. By practicing regularly, you’ll build the muscle memory and confidence needed to execute the perfect backhand return in a game.

4. Anticipate Your Opponent’s Shot

One essential technique for a strong padel backhand return is to anticipate your opponent’s shot. Observe their body language and watch the direction of their racket to predict where the ball will go.

By reading your opponent’s movements, you can prepare your return in advance and minimize the chances of making an error.


A solid padel backhand return can help you gain control of the game and take your opponent by surprise. Mastering the techniques mentioned above will improve your confidence and give you an advantage in any match.

Practice consistently, focus on your form, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques to find what works for you. Before you know it, you’ll be returning backhands like a pro!

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