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How to Improve Your Padel Forehand: Tips and Techniques

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How to Improve Your Padel Forehand: Tips and Techniques

Are you looking to improve your padel forehand? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore some tips and techniques to help you improve your game and master this important shot.

1. Practice makes perfect

The first step to improving your padel forehand is to practice. Spend time on the court hitting forehands and focus on the technique. Make sure you are starting from a good position, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your body turned sideways to the net. Keep your grip firm but not too tight, and focus on following through the stroke.

2. Work on your footwork

Footwork is crucial to a good padel forehand. Make sure you are always on the balls of your feet, ready to move quickly in any direction. When hitting a forehand, step forward with your front foot and shift your weight onto your back foot as you make contact with the ball. This will give you more power and control on the shot.

3. Use your non-dominant hand as a guide

Your non-dominant hand can be a useful tool in improving your padel forehand. Use it as a guide to help you aim your shot and keep your balance. As you swing, extend your non-dominant hand out in front of you to guide your shot towards your target.

4. Find your sweet spot

Every player has a sweet spot on their padel racket where they can generate the most power and control. Experiment with different parts of your racket to find yours. Once you find it, focus on hitting the ball consistently in that spot to maximize your shot’s potential.

5. Anticipate your opponent’s shot

Anticipating your opponent’s shot is a crucial component of any padel forehand. Watch your opponent closely to see where they are hitting the ball and adjust your position accordingly. By anticipating your opponent’s shot, you can position yourself for a better forehand and increase your chances of winning the point.


With these tips and techniques, you can improve your padel forehand and take your game to the next level. Remember to practice, work on your footwork, use your non-dominant hand as a guide, find your sweet spot, and anticipate your opponent’s shot. With time and dedication, you’ll be hitting powerful and accurate forehands in no time.

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