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The Ultimate Guide to Padel Serve Techniques

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The Ultimate Guide to Padel Serve Techniques

As a beginner in padel tennis, one of the most important skills you will learn is the serve. The serve is the foundation of any successful game and can ultimately make or break a match. In this article, we will discuss some of the best techniques for executing the perfect serve in padel tennis.

The Importance of a Good Serve in Padel Tennis

Before we dive into the techniques, let’s first highlight the importance of a good serve in padel tennis. The serve is the one shot that you have complete control over, so it’s imperative that you make it a good one. A good serve can give you the advantage, putting your opponents on the defensive, while a weak serve can put you at a distinct disadvantage, giving your opponents the upper hand from the start. Having a good serve is not only beneficial for winning games, but it also helps with improving your overall confidence on the court.

The Techniques

1. The Forehand Serve – The forehand serve is one of the easiest serves to learn and execute. Begin by standing in the right-hand service box with your left foot forward for right-handed players. Toss the ball with your non-dominant hand and hit the ball with the dominant hand in a forward motion. The key is to use wrist snap to generate power, while hitting the ball at the highest point. Keep your eyes on the ball and follow through with your swing motion.

2. The Backhand Serve – The backhand serve is a bit more challenging than the forehand serve, but with practice, it can become just as reliable. Stand in the left-hand service box with your right foot forward for right-handed players. Toss the ball with your non-dominant hand and hit the ball with your dominant hand, swinging your racket back and forth. Contact the ball with the dominant hand and snap your wrist to generate power. Finish with a follow-through motion.

3. The Lob Serve – The lob serve is a great serve to use against opponents that are positioned close to the net. Stand in the center of the service box and toss the ball straight into the air, hitting it with an open racket face. The key is to hit the ball high in the air, making it difficult for your opponents to get to it. Follow through with your motion, keeping your eyes on the ball.

Tips for a Successful Serve

– Focus on your footwork: Proper footwork is essential when it comes to executing a strong serve in padel tennis. Make sure that you are positioned correctly and use your non-dominant foot to help with balance and power.

– Use your wrist: Your wrist is an extremely important part of your serve technique. Use the wrist snap to generate power and accuracy when hitting the ball.

– Stay relaxed: Keep your body and mind relaxed when executing your serve. Too much tension can cause your serve to be stiff and inaccurate.

– Practice, practice, practice: The more you practice your serve, the better it will become. Spend time on the court working on different techniques and improving your overall serve game.


The serve is a key component of any successful padel tennis game. With the right techniques and practice, you can improve your serve game and ultimately gain an advantage over your opponents. Remember to focus on your footwork, use your wrist, stay relaxed, and practice as much as possible. With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to becoming a serve padel tennis expert in no time!

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