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Mastering Ground Strokes in Padel: A Comprehensive Guide

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Mastering Ground Strokes in Padel: A Comprehensive Guide

Padel is an immensely popular sport that has taken the world by storm. The game has its roots in Mexico and is played on a small court surrounded by walls. Padel is a very dynamic game that requires players to form strategic partnerships, move with agility, and possess excellent reflexes.

One of the most important elements of padel is the groundstroke. A groundstroke is a shot that is hit after the ball bounces once on the court. It is the most frequently used technique in padel and is crucial to a player’s success. In this guide, we will go over the most important aspects of mastering ground strokes in padel.

1. Proper Grip

Having a good grip on the padel racket is essential for hitting accurate ground strokes. Most players prefer to use the continental grip, where the player holds the racket in a way that the top knuckle is on the same plane as the handle, and the V on their hand points towards the right. This grip allows for maximum control of the racket and accuracy in your shots.

2. Body Position

The correct body position is essential to hitting a successful groundstroke. When preparing to hit a groundstroke, stand sideways to the net, with your non-dominant foot slightly in front of the other. This position allows you to pivot on your back foot as you swing, providing you with power and accuracy.

3. Footwork

A player’s footwork is the foundation for excellent groundstroke execution. When hitting a forehand or backhand, your footwork should be consistent with your body position. Always try to move your feet in a way that keeps your head still while allowing you to track the ball properly. Your feet should help you get in the right position to hit the ball, not just make do with the ball where it is.

4. Ready Position

Being in a ready position is key to being prepared for any shot that comes your way. When getting ready for a groundstroke, players should always have their knees bent and their weight on the balls of their feet. The ready position allows for quick movement and better reaction time, making it essential to a player’s success.

5. Technique

Finally, mastering the technique of your groundstroke is vital. When hitting a groundstroke, keep your eyes on the ball, keep the racquet head above the wrist and try to hit the ball in the middle of the strings. Strive for a smooth and controlled swing, with enough power to send the ball back over the net, coming down somewhere where your opponent can’t easily hit it back.


Mastering ground strokes in padel takes time and dedication. As you progress, you will begin to find what works best for you in terms of grip, body position, footwork and technique. With practice, you’ll soon be able to execute accurate and powerful ground strokes, leading you to padel victories in no time. So don’t forget to work on your groundstrokes and soon you’ll be hitting them like a pro!

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