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How to Strategize Your Padel Serving Order

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How to Strategize Your Padel Serving Order

Padel is a fun and exciting game that is similar to tennis, played mostly in Spanish-speaking countries. But, like any other game, there are specific techniques that need to be mastered in order to excel in it, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.

One of the most crucial techniques every padel player needs to master is the padel serving order. If you are unsure how to strategize your padel serving order, this article will give you some tips on how to master it and become a formidable force on the padel court.

What is a Padel Serving Order?

The padel serving order refers to the sequence of serving that players must follow during a padel match. The order is determined by the number of games won, and whether the game is odd or even. The serving order changes every time a game is won, and a new game begins.

Strategies to Master Padel Serving Order

The basic padel serving order follows the rule of “two serves per player.” Each team gets two serves before it changes sides. Once the first player completes their two serves, the second player serves. The team that wins the game continues to serve, and if the next game is even, the team’s second player will serve first.

Here are some strategies you can use to master the padel serving order:

1. Serve to your Opponent’s Weakness

To win a point, you need to hit the ball where the opponent cannot get it. You need to keep an eye on their weaknesses and serve to them. If your opponent’s backhand is flawed, then aim your serves towards their backhand. The same goes for the forehand, and it will help you to gain points.

2. Serve with Variety

Serve with several variations to keep your opponent guessing. Mix things up by hitting it short, long, high, and low, instead of serving with the same serve every time. By varying your serves, you put pressure on your opponent and force them to anticipate what’s coming next.

3. Take Risks

It is wise to stick to a safe, consistent serve that will help you get the ball in play, but this may not always be the best strategy. Taking risks and serving differently than usual can be a game-changer. If you see your opponent closer to the net, you can try to hit a lob or a deep serve. This will put your opponent out of position and give you an opportunity to win the point.

4. Serve Consistently

Consistency is key in padel serving. If you are inconsistent with your serves, you will not win games. Serve consistently and try not to make any mistakes. If you are unsure about your serves, you can practice to get better.

5. Observe and Analyze

Watch your opponent’s response to your serves, and analyze their reactions. Use this information to your advantage by changing your technique or serving strategy. It is also wise to observe your opponent’s serving habits to understand their strategies.


The padel serving order can seem daunting, but by using these proven strategies, you can master it and become confident in your ability to serve. Remember always to keep an eye on your opponent’s weaknesses, vary your serves, take risks, be consistent, and observe and analyze their strategy. Padel is a fun game, and once you become proficient in serving, you will enjoy it even more.

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