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How to Add Variety to Your Padel Groundstroke Game

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How to Add Variety to Your Padel Groundstroke Game

Are you looking for ways to spice up your padel groundstroke game? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you add variety to your groundstroke shots, making you a more dynamic player on the court.

Master your basic shots before branching out

Before you can add variety to your padel game, it’s important to master the basics of hitting groundstrokes. Make sure you’re hitting the ball with the proper form and technique, as this will help you make the necessary adjustments for more advanced shots.

Use different grips for different shots

One way to add variety to your groundstrokes is by using different grips for different shots. For example, you might use an eastern forehand grip for your regular groundstroke, but switch to a continental grip for a slice shot. Changing your grip can create different angles and spins on the ball, catching your opponent off guard.

Try different types of spins

Another way to add variety to your groundstroke game is by trying different types of spins on the ball. Experiment with topspin shots, backspin shots, and sidespin shots to see which work best for you. By using different types of spin, you can create shots that are more difficult for your opponent to anticipate.

Practice hitting on the run

Hitting groundstrokes while on the run is a valuable skill that can come in handy during a match. To practice, have a partner hit balls to different areas of the court, forcing you to move quickly and hit the ball with the proper technique. This will help you develop better footwork and make it easier to hit shots from different angles.

Finish your shots at the net

Finishing your groundstroke shots at the net can be an effective way to put pressure on your opponent. Try approaching the net after hitting a deep shot, and follow through with a volley or overhead smash. By finishing your shots at the net, you can force your opponent to make difficult returns and increase your chances of winning the point.

In conclusion, adding variety to your padel groundstroke game is all about experimenting with different shots and techniques. By mastering the basic shots, using different grips, trying different types of spins, practicing hitting on the run, and finishing your shots at the net, you can become a more dynamic player and outsmart your opponents on the court. So why not start practicing today?

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