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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Padel Return

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Padel Return

As a beginner in the world of padel, the return can seem daunting. You’re facing a speedy ball, and you’ve got to think fast if you want to hit it back. With time and experience, you’ll learn to make quick decisions and choose the right shots. But first, you must avoid these five common mistakes when making a padel return.

Mistake #1: Not Getting in Position

The first mistake is not getting in position. When you’re preparing to make a return, it’s crucial to position yourself correctly. Stand approximately two meters behind the service line and in the middle of the court. From this position, you can quickly move sideways in either direction and respond to the ball effectively.

Mistake #2: Not Watching the Ball

The second mistake players often make is not watching the ball. As soon as your opponent hits the ball, keep your eyes locked on it. Make adjustments to your position as you track the ball’s movement through the air. Taking your eyes off the ball might lead to an inaccurate shot or worse, missing the ball entirely.

Mistake #3: Not Adjusting Your Footwork

The third mistake is not adjusting your footwork. Padel is a sport that requires quick footwork. It’s essential to move your feet swiftly and adjust your position on the court depending on where the ball is coming from. If you don’t adjust your feet, you may miss the ball, or worse, hurt yourself.

Mistake #4: Not Choosing the Right Shot

The fourth mistake is not choosing the right shot. Return shots are all about strategy. Depending on where the ball is coming from, you will need to choose which shot to use. A cross-court shot, for example, might be the best option if your opponent is positioned on the other side of the court. It would help if you also kept in mind the type of player you’re playing against and their strengths and weaknesses.

Mistake #5: Not Using the Right Technique

The fifth and final mistake is not using the right technique. As a beginner, it’s common to not yet have a consistent technique when making a return. However, mastering the correct technique is key to making accurate and powerful returns. Ensure that you’re using a combination of the forehand and backhand techniques and that you’re holding the racket correctly.

In conclusion, by avoiding these five common mistakes when making a padel return, you can improve your game tremendously. Remember to position yourself correctly, watch the ball, adjust your footwork, choose the right shot, and use the right technique. With consistent practice and dedication, you’ll become a pro at making padel returns in no time.

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