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Your Guide to Padel Serve Rules

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Your Guide to Padel Serve Rules

Padel is an exciting sport with lots of rules that players need to know. One of the most important rules is the serve rule. Serving in Padel is critical as it sets the tone for the point and the entire match. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Padel serve rules so that you can serve like a pro and dominate the court!

The Service Box

Before we dive into the serve rules, we need to understand the service box. The service box is a rectangular area on each side of the court, located opposite the receiver’s box. It is marked by lines and is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.

The Serve

In Padel, the server must serve underhand and contact the ball below their waist with the paddle. The serve must be hit into the opponent’s service box diagonally, and the ball must bounce once in the opponent’s service box before being returned. The server must serve from the right-hand side of the court for the first point, and after that, alternate sides every point.

The Faults

Now, let’s talk about faults. There are several rules about serving that you need to know to avoid committing a fault. A fault will result in losing the point.

Foot Fault:

A foot fault occurs when the server steps on or over the line of the service box before making contact with the ball. Make sure to keep your feet behind the line to avoid this fault.

Service Line Fault:

A service line fault occurs when the server fails to hit the ball over the net or into the opponent’s service box.

Side Wall Fault:

A side wall fault occurs when the serve hits the side wall before hitting the opponent’s service box. The only acceptable non-bounce shot off the walls is when the ball passes into the opponent’s court without touching the back wall.

Taking too Long:

The server has only 8 seconds to serve, and failure to do so will result in a fault.


Now that you understand the serve rules, it’s time to hit the court and practice. Remember, the serve is a crucial part of Padel, and mastering it will give you an edge over your opponents. Always make sure to follow the rules and avoid committing faults. Good luck and have fun!

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