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Understanding the Rules of Padel 101

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Understanding the Rules of Padel 101

Are you new to Padel? Do you want to learn about the game and its rules? Look no further than this Padel 101 guide, written by an experienced Padel player. This article will teach you everything you need to know to get started playing Padel today!

What is Padel?

Padel is a racket sport that originated from Spain. The game is played on a court that’s roughly the size of a tennis court, but with walls that players can use to keep the ball in play. Padel is typically played in doubles, but can also be played in singles.

Scoring in Padel

Padel uses a scoring system that’s similar to tennis. The game is played in sets, with each set consisting of games. A game is won by the first team to reach four points, with a two-point advantage. If the score becomes tied at 40-40, the game is decided by the next point, known as “deuce”. The team that wins the deuce point, also known as the “advantage point”, wins the game.

The first team to win six games wins the set. If each team has won five games, the set is decided by a tiebreaker. In the tiebreaker, the first team to reach seven points, again with a two-point advantage, wins the set.

Serving in Padel

In Padel, the serve alternates between the two teams after each game. The server must keep at least one foot behind the baseline and must serve the ball underhand, hitting it diagonally into the opposite court. The ball must bounce once before it’s hit by the receiving team. If the ball hits the net and goes over, the serve is played again.

Playing the Ball in Padel

In Padel, players are allowed to hit the ball after it bounces off the walls. The ball can only bounce once before it’s hit by a player. If the ball hits the wall and then hits the ground, the ball is considered “dead”. Players can also hit the ball directly over the net, but the ball must still land within the boundaries of the court.

Winning in Padel

To win a Padel match, a team must win two out of three sets. The first team to win two sets wins the match. If each team has won one set, a third set is played as a tiebreaker.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Padel 101 guide has been helpful in teaching you the rules of this fun and exciting sport. Remember, the best way to learn the game is to get out there and play it! With practice and experience, you’ll soon be a Padel pro in no time.

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