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Understanding the Different Padel Court Specifications

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Understanding the Different Padel Court Specifications

As a padel enthusiast, you must have noticed the different types of padel courts used in tournaments and clubs. Each type of court has its own set of specifications, which can make it quite overwhelming for beginners. This article aims to break down the different padel court specifications to help you understand them better.

The Dimensions of a Padel Court

The first thing to note about padel courts is their dimensions. According to the International Padel Federation (IPF), the standard dimensions for a padel court are 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. However, some variations exist, such as the 18-meter padel court, which is also recognized by the IPF. The height of the back wall must be at least 4 meters, and the side walls must be at least 3 meters high.

The Surface of a Padel Court

The surface of a padel court is just as important as its dimensions. The most popular surface used in professional tournaments is artificial grass. This type of surface provides adequate cushioning, excellent ball bounce, and is easy to maintain. Other popular surfaces include concrete, asphalt, and acrylic. Each surface type has its own set of padel court specifications and offers different playing experiences.

The Markings of a Padel Court

Padel courts have markings that determine boundaries and scoring points for games. The most notable marking is the service area, which is a diagonal line on opposite sides of the court. The serve must be hit into the opposite service box, and the ball must hit the ground before hitting the back wall. Other markings include the single and double sidelines, central service line, and non-volley zone.

The Lighting of a Padel Court

Finally, the lighting of a padel court is crucial for night-time games. The IPF states that a padel court must have a minimum lighting of 200 lux to host professional games. The lights must also be positioned at a minimum height of 6 meters and a maximum height of 10 meters.


In summary, understanding the different padel court specifications is essential for both beginners and professionals. The dimensions, surface, markings, and lighting all play a significant role in the playing experience. By familiarizing yourself with these specifications, you can improve your game and enjoy playing padel to the fullest.

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