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Teamwork in Action: Padel Drills for Three Players

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Teamwork in Action: Padel Drills for Three Players


Padel is a fast-paced racquet sport that requires teamwork and communication among players. Playing with a partner can be challenging, but playing with two partners can be even more so. However, with the right strategies and drills, three players can move together seamlessly on the court.

In this article, we will explore some padel drills that are ideal for three players. These drills will help players improve their coordination, footwork, and communication skills while also having fun on the court.

The Three Players Drill

This drill is perfect for a group of three players who want to improve their teamwork and communication skills. Divide the court into three sections and assign one player to each section. The objective is for the team to keep the ball in play, moving from one section to the other continuously.

To make the game more challenging, set a specific number of shots that must be made before moving to the next section. It creates a competitive environment and leads to better coordination and communication. The padel drills 3 players makes it easy for players to learn the application of teamwork.

The Overlap Drill

In padel, the overlap is the classic move that helps three players to position themselves correctly on the court, both in the offensive and defensive plays. The overlap drill perfects players’ timing, rhythm, and footwork.

This drill requires two players standing at the net, while the third player stands at the baseline. The player at the baseline hits a high lob, and the two net players switch positions while getting back to the other side of the court.

The player who reaches the side of the court where the lob lands takes the shot while the other player moves backward to the net. Repeat the sequence continuously, each player taking turns at the baseline.

The Triangle Drill

The triangle drill improves the players’ agility and focuses on quick reflexes on the court. It starts with three players forming a triangle, with one player at the baseline, and the other two players behind the net.

The player at the baseline hits a deep shot that one of the two players behind the net returns. The second player then returns the ball to the baseline player. The cycle continues, and the players rotate positions, giving each player the chance to hit the ball from different positions.


Playing padel with three players requires teamwork, communication, and coordination. The padel drills 3 players mentioned above will help improve the players’ skills in these areas.

Whether it is the three-player drill focused on teamwork, the overlap drill on footwork and timing, or the triangle drill focusing on agility and quick reflexes, there is no limit to the fun that can be had while practicing padel.

Adding these drills to your training routine will not only make your games more competitive but will also help you connect and work better with your teammates on and off the court. Happy playing!

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