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Speak Like a Pro: Padel Terminology and Slang

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Speak Like a Pro: Padel Terminology and Slang

If you’ve ever played padel, you know how exciting it can be for both beginners and professionals. Playing padel can be even more fun if you know the interesting padel vocabulary and slang.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key padel terms and slang that every padel player should know. Let’s dive in!

Court Elements

The padel court has different elements, and getting to know them is essential for beginners. To start, let’s look at the court lines:

  • Baseline: is the line at the back of the court, which marks the end of the playing area.
  • Sidewall: refers to the two parallel walls that run the length of the court.
  • Service Line: is a line on both the right and the left side of the court, with a distance of 6.95 meters from the net.
  • Volley Zone: is the area between the net and the service line.

Padel Slang

Now that you’re familiar with the court elements let’s discuss some funny padel slang that can make you sound like an experienced player.

  • Chiquita: a short and quick shot, usually played when the ball is close to the net. This can be a useful shot to surprise your opponents.
  • Pipe: a shot played down the middle of the court, it is considered one of the most challenging shots to return for your opponent.
  • Smash: a powerful overhead shot that will surely make a loud sound when the ball hits the ground.
  • Vibora: a shot that takes a significant amount of spin and lands near the sidewall, making it challenging for your opponents to return.
  • Bandejita: a low and fast shot played with a slice that can be tough for your opponents to read.

Padel Jargon

In padel, there are some terms that you’ll encounter frequently when playing with more experienced players.

  • Love: refers to a score of 0.
  • Deuce: when both teams have scored three points.
  • Volley: a shot that is hit in the air without allowing the ball to bounce on the ground.
  • Advantage: when one team has scored one more point than the opponent, but hasn’t scored 4 points yet.
  • Match Point: the game point won by a player or team that gives them the victory in the match.


No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced player, learning padel vocabulary can help you enrich your game experience and get more involved with other players. Make sure to keep these padel terminologies and slang in mind for the next time you step onto the court. Soon enough, you’ll be using them like a pro!

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