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Solo Padel Training: Drills for Practicing Without a Partner

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Solo Padel Training: Drills for Practicing Without a Partner

Are you looking to improve your padel game but don’t have a partner to practice with? Don’t worry, solo padel training drills can be just as effective in improving your skills on the court.

Footwork Drills

Footwork is an essential aspect of padel. Practicing footwork drills alone can greatly enhance your movement on the court. A simple drill to begin with is the ladder drill. Place a ladder on the ground or mark one out with cones. Practice quickly and efficiently moving your feet in and out of each rung. Try varying your footwork pattern to simulate different movements on the court.

Serve and Return Practice

The serve and return are two critical shots in padel. Solo practice for these shots can improve timing and accuracy. Set up a mini net or target on the court and practice serving to it. Vary your serves by practicing both high and low shots, as well as serves to different areas of the court. For return practice, hit the ball against a wall and practice returning it with different shots such as lobs or smashes.

Wall Drills

The wall is an excellent tool for solo practice. The rebounding ball simulates a partner’s hit and allows you to practice different shots. Practice hitting forehands, backhands, volleys, and smashes against the wall. Try varying the height and speed of your hits to keep your practice challenging.

Conditioning Drills

Padel is a physically demanding sport. Conditioning drills can improve your fitness levels and endurance on the court. Set up cones on the court and practice running sprints between them. Vary the distance between cones and try changing direction quickly to simulate movements on the court. Other solo conditioning drills can include jumping jacks, burpees, and lunges.


Solo padel training drills can be just as effective as practicing with a partner. Incorporating these drills into your routine can improve your footwork, serve and return, wall shots, and conditioning. Remember to vary your drills to keep your practice challenging and enjoyable. With consistent practice, you can improve your padel game and become a more proficient player on the court.

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