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Smart Shot Selection to Maximize Padel Court Coverage

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Smart Shot Selection to Maximize Padel Court Coverage

Padel is a game that requires players to move quickly and efficiently across the court while making accurate shots. One of the keys to success in padel is maximizing court coverage. In this article, we will explore smart shot selection to help you cover more of the padel court and improve your game.

Understand Your Opponent

One of the first steps to smart shot selection is to understand your opponent. Study their playing style, weaknesses, and strengths. This will enable you to anticipate their moves and position yourself accordingly.

If your opponent is a stronger player, you may need to focus on slowing down the pace and placement of the ball. If they have a weaker backhand, you might try to direct your shots there. By targeting your shots with strategic precision, you can force your opponent to move around the court, giving you more opportunities to cover ground.

Master the Lob Shot

The lob shot is a powerful tool in padel. It is an effective way to change the pace of the game and get your opponent on the move. When done correctly, a well-placed lob shot can force your opponent to run towards the back of the court, leaving the rest of the court open for you to attack.

To execute the lob shot, aim your paddle up and hit the ball with an upward motion. The ball should land deep in your opponent’s court near the back line. Use this shot strategically and mix it up with your other shots to keep your opponent guessing.

Take Advantage of Angles

In padel, angles are key. Using the right angles can help you maximize the court coverage and put your opponent on the defensive. When aiming for an angle shot, focus on hitting the ball at an angle towards the side of the court, just beyond your opponent’s reach.

If your opponent is positioned in the center of the court, you can create an angle shot by hitting the ball towards the center of the court and spinning it away towards the sidelines. This will force your opponent to run and stretch to reach the ball, giving you more court coverage to work with.

Be Patient

Smart shot selection requires patience. Don’t try to force every shot or rush to the net too quickly. Instead, wait for the right opportunity to arise. Study your opponent’s movements and wait for them to make a mistake. If they leave an opening, take advantage of it with a strategic shot.

Remember, padel is a game of strategy and precision. By taking your time and making smart shot selections, you can maximize your court coverage and outsmart your opponent.


Smart shot selection is an essential skill in padel. To maximize your court coverage, you need to understand your opponent, master the lob shot, take advantage of angles, and be patient. By putting these tips into practice, you can improve your game and become a formidable opponent. So get out there and start practicing!

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