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Padel Tennis Glossary: Understanding the Terminology

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Padel Tennis Glossary: Understanding the Terminology

If you are new to padel tennis, then you might have come across a lot of unfamiliar terms that make you feel like you are listening to a foreign language. Don’t worry, understanding this terminology is crucial to playing the game and enjoying it.

This article will walk you through the essential padel tennis terminology and make you feel like a pro on the court.

The Court

The court is a 10-meter wide by 20-meter long rectangle, which is divided into two equal sides by a 1-meter high net. The zones of each court are essential to clarify, as they play a vital role during the game:

– Service box: A square zone located on the right side of each court, where the serving player must hit the ball.
– Baseline: The farthest point from the net at the back of the court.
– Middle zone: Also known as “no man’s land,” it is the midpoint between the service box and the baseline.
– Inner side: The sides of the court, which are defined by the imaginary lines between the service box and the baseline.


To play padel tennis, you need specific equipment. Here are the essential terms to know:

– Padel racket: The racket used to hit the ball. It usually has a holey surface and a short handle.
– Padel balls: The balls used in padel tennis are the same as those used in tennis, but softer and lower in pressure.
– Grip: The handle of the racket, where you hold it. The grip has to be replaced regularly as you use it.
– Bag: A padel bag is a must-have to carry your racket, balls, and other accessories to the court.

The Game

Padel tennis is a mix of tennis, squash, and racquetball, and as a result, you will find some familiar terms with a padel twist:

– Serve: The action of starting the point. The serve must be underhand, hit diagonally across the net and land in the opponent’s service box.
– Volley: When you hit the ball in the air without letting it touch the ground.
– Smash: A powerful overhead shot, executed when the ball is above your head.
– Lob: A defensive shot to lift the ball high, forcing the opponent to move backward.
– Bandeja: A specific type of forehand volley, where the ball is hit with a slightly open racket face, allowing it to drop softly onto the opponent’s side of the court.
– Chiquita: A specialized backhand shot often used to return the service. The chiquita is executed with a neutral wrist, quickly flicking the racket upward, angling the ball down on the opposite side of the court.
– Paddle up/down: Communication between partners to give each other an indication to move closer or further back from the net.

The Scoring

Padel tennis has a unique scoring system, but don’t worry, it is relatively simple:

– Game: A match is a best-of-three format, where each team has to win two sets to win the match.
– Set: To win a set, a team has to win six games with a margin of two games. If the score is 6-6, then a tiebreaker is played.
– Tiebreaker: The team that wins seven points, with a margin of two, wins the tiebreaker and the set.

Wrap Up

Now you have a basic understanding of the essential padel tennis terminology that is essential to play the game. Keep practicing and asking your coach or more experienced players for guidance. Remember, the more you know and understand, the better your chances of winning. See you on the court!

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