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Padel Movement Drills for Improved Fitness and Performance

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Padel Movement Drills for Improved Fitness and Performance

As the popularity of padel continues to grow, players are consistently searching for new ways to improve their performance and enhance their fitness levels. With the fast-paced nature and constant movement required in padel, it’s essential to develop strength, speed, and agility to succeed on the court.

To achieve this, padel players need to focus on movement drills that will develop their core, lower body strength, and improve their balance.

Here are three padel movement drills that will help improve your fitness and your on-court performance.

1. The Lateral Shuffle Drill

The lateral shuffle drill is a great way to improve your lateral movement on the padel court. To perform the drill, mark out two cones about two meters apart. Stand on one cone and shuffle laterally to the other cone, touching it with your hand before shuffling back to the starting cone. Repeat this movement for thirty seconds to one minute, rest for thirty seconds, and then do it again in the opposite direction.

This drill helps develop your lateral speed and coordination and is beneficial when moving laterally across the court to reach the ball.

2. The Plyometric Jump Drill

Plyometric jump drills are ideal for developing explosive power in your legs. To do this, stand with your feet hip-width apart, and then explosively jump up onto a step or platform. Land softly, and then jump back off the platform and repeat for three sets of ten jumps.

This drill helps improve your lower body strength and balance and is excellent for padel players who need to jump and reach for high balls.

3. The Agility Ladder Drill

The agility ladder drill is a fantastic way to improve footwork and coordination. To do this, set up an agility ladder on the court and then perform a variety of different footwork drills inside the ladder. Start with simple drills like two feet in and two feet out and then progress to more complex drills like high knees and side shuffles.

This drill helps improve your overall footwork and agility on the court and will significantly improve your ability to change direction quickly.


Improving your fitness and performance requires commitment and hard work, and these three padel movement drills are perfect for achieving both. Incorporate them into your training regimen, and you’ll notice an improvement in your fitness levels and on-court performance in no time. Remember, consistency is key, and with dedication and perseverance, you’ll achieve your fitness goals and become a stronger, faster, and more agile padel player.

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