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Padal vs. Tennis Shoes: Key Features and Benefits

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Padel Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes: Key Features and Benefits

When it comes to sports, having the proper footwear is crucial to performing at your best. For paddle tennis (or “padel” as it’s known in many countries), finding the right shoes is especially important. Padel is a fast-moving game that requires quick movements in many directions, so your shoes need to be able to keep up. But what exactly sets padel shoes apart from tennis shoes, and why should you choose one over the other? Let’s take a look at some key features and benefits of each.

Padel Shoes

Padel shoes are specifically designed for the unique demands of the game. Here are some features that set them apart from tennis shoes:

  1. Herringbone sole: The sole of a padel shoe is typically made with a herringbone pattern, which provides excellent grip and allows for quick turns and stops.
  2. Breathable upper: Padel shoes often have a mesh or synthetic upper that allows air to circulate, keeping your feet cool and dry even during intense rallies.
  3. Low-cut design: Padel shoes are usually cut low around the ankle to allow for maximum mobility and flexibility.
  4. Padded insole: Many padel shoes feature a padded insole to provide extra cushioning and support during long matches.

So why should you choose padel shoes over tennis shoes when playing paddle tennis? For one, the herringbone sole gives you better traction on the court, allowing you to make quick, precise movements without slipping or sliding. Additionally, the breathable upper helps prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty during long matches, which can reduce the risk of blisters and other foot injuries. The low-cut design and padded insole also provide extra comfort and support, which can be especially important if you have a history of foot or ankle problems.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are designed for the specific needs of tennis players, which are somewhat different from those of padel players. Here are some features that set tennis shoes apart:

  1. Solid sole: Tennis shoes typically have a more solid sole with a thicker tread, which can provide extra stability and support for the lateral movements common in tennis.
  2. Stiffer upper: Tennis shoes often have a stiffer upper to provide extra support for the foot during side-to-side movements.
  3. Mid-cut design: Tennis shoes are usually cut around mid-ankle to provide extra support and stability for the ankle.
  4. Cushioned insole: Many tennis shoes have a cushioned insole to provide extra comfort during long matches.

So why might you choose tennis shoes over padel shoes for paddle tennis? If you already have a good pair of tennis shoes and don’t want to invest in a separate pair of padel shoes, your tennis shoes will certainly suffice. The thicker sole and stiffer upper may provide extra support for certain movements, although they may also make it more difficult to maneuver as quickly. However, if you plan on playing padel regularly, investing in a pair of padel shoes is a wise choice.


In the end, both padel shoes and tennis shoes have their own unique features and benefits. However, if you’re serious about playing paddle tennis, it’s best to invest in a pair of padel shoes that will give you the extra support, comfort, and traction you need to perform at your best. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference on the court. So, choose wisely and hit the court with confidence!

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