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Mastering the Padel Volley: Best Drills and Techniques

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Mastering the Padel Volley: Best Drills and Techniques

If you want to take your padel game to the next level, mastering the volley is a must. The volley is a crucial shot in padel as it allows you to get to the net quickly, control the point, and put pressure on your opponents. But, how can you improve your volleying skills? In this article, we will explore the best drills and techniques to help you master the padel volley.

1. Grip

The first thing you need to consider when mastering the padel volley is your grip. Unlike tennis, you should hold the padel racket with a continental grip. This grip will allow you to hit the ball with more control, especially when you need to hit low volleys.

2. Footwork

Good footwork is key to mastering the volley. You need to move quickly to the net and be able to position your body correctly to hit the ball. One drill that can help you improve your footwork is to practice the crossover step. This technique involves taking a small step forward with your outside foot and then crossing it over in front of your inside foot as you move toward the net. This will help you get to the ball quickly and be in the right position to hit the volley.

3. Technique

The technique for hitting a padel volley is different from hitting a groundstroke. To hit a volley, you need to have a shorter backswing and contact the ball in front of your body. A good drill to practice this technique is to hit the ball against a wall, focusing on keeping your backswing short and hitting the ball in front of your body.

4. Partner Drills

Partner drills can be a fun and effective way to improve your volleying skills. One of the best partner drills for volleys is to play mini-tennis. This drill involves hitting the ball back and forth with your partner, trying to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. This will help you develop your reflexes, control, and technique for volleys.

5. Shadowing

Shadowing is a technique used in padel to improve movement and anticipation. To shadow, stand behind your partner who is hitting the ball against a wall. Move as your partner moves and try to anticipate where the ball will be hit next. This will help you improve your positioning and reflexes when hitting volleys.


Mastering the padel volley requires time and practice, but by using these drills and techniques, you can improve your skills quickly. Remember to focus on grip, footwork, technique, partner drills, and shadowing to become a master of the padel volley. With these tips and a positive attitude, you will be hitting perfect volleys in no time!

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