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Mastering the Basics: Understanding Padel Serve Rules

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Mastering the Basics: Understanding Padel Serve Rules

Are you a padel player struggling to master your serve? Fear not, for today we will be discussing the most important rules that govern padel serve.

If you’re new to padel, the serve is the starting move of any point. It’s crucial to learn the rules of this move to ensure fair play and avoid any unnecessary faults. So let’s dive in and understand the basics of the padel rules serve.

The Basics of the Serve

The serve in padel is an underhand serve. This means that the server must hit the ball with the paddle below waist level. Any other type of serve, such as an overhand serve, is considered illegal and results in losing the point.

The Serve Area

The serve area is a rectangular area that extends from the net to the service line. The server must stand behind the baseline and within the service area before starting their serve. The serve must land within the opponent’s diagonal service box. If the ball lands outside of this box, it’s considered a fault, and the opponent is awarded a point.

The Fault Rules

There are a few different ways to make a fault during the serve, and it’s essential to know them all. Here are the most common types of faults that can occur during the serve:

  • If the ball is hit above the waist.
  • If the ball hits the net before clearing it and landing in the opponent’s service box.
  • If the serve lands outside of the opponent’s diagonal service box.
  • If the server doesn’t have both feet inside the serve box when hitting the ball.
  • If the server touches the net while hitting the ball.

If any of the above faults occur, the opponent is awarded a point, and the serve passes to the other player.

The Double Fault Rule

A double fault happens when the server makes two consecutive faults. This results in the server losing the point, and the serve passes to the opponent.


Knowing the rules of the padel serve is crucial for any player who wants to improve their game. Remember to keep your serve underhand, hit the ball below waist level, and aim for the opponent’s diagonal service box. Avoid making faults, and be aware of the double fault rule. Follow these rules, and your serve will become a strong point in your padel game. Good luck on the court!

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