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Mastering Padel Tennis Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

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Mastering Padel Tennis Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

Are you interested in learning or leveling up your Padel tennis skills? Padel tennis, also known as Paddle tennis, is a racket sport similar to tennis, but played on a smaller court surrounded by walls. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its fun and easy-to-learn nature.

In this article, we’ll take you through the essential Padel tennis skills you need to know as a beginner and help you improve them as an advanced player.

1. Grip and Stance

When starting in Padel tennis, it’s crucial to have a good grip and stance. The grip you use can mean the difference between hitting the ball with control and missing it completely.

Hold the racket with a semi-western grip as the surface area of the racket is smaller. You should have a comfortable, relaxed grip on the handle, and the side flap of your hand should be pressed lightly against the top of the racket handle.

Your stance depends mainly on your strong hand. If you’re right-handed, your left foot should be slightly ahead, with your neck and shoulders facing toward the net at a slight angle.

2. Serve

One of the essential Padel tennis skills is the serve. The serve begins the point and gives you an advantage in the game. To serve correctly, stand behind the baseline with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand and point your racket towards the net. Toss the ball up and hit it with a flat or slice serve, depending on the situation. Don’t forget to incorporate the right footwork in the action.

3. Volleys

Volleys are shots where you hit the ball before it hits the ground. They’re one of the most important skills you’ll need in Padel tennis. To hit a proper volley, keep your eyes on the ball and position yourself to hit it in front of your body.

Use a short backswing and punch the ball by extending your arm forward. If you’re at the net, try to hit your volleys to the opponent’s feet to make it challenging for them to return the shot.

4. Dropshots

A drop shot in Padel tennis sends the ball softly over the net to land in the front third of the court. The aim behind it is to make your opponents cover the most ground possible, wear them out, and set up your next shot.

To execute the shot, shorten your backswing and swing down from the high point of the ball’s trajectory. Also, try to deceive your opponent by faking a harder shot by aiming at the opposite side.

5. Lobs

Lobs are high shots that go over your opponent’s head, forcing them to run to the back of the court to return them. A lob can be an excellent shot to use when you’re under pressure or if your opponent is at the net.

To hit a good lob, take a slightly smaller backswing than you would for a regular shot, and hit it with a top spin to get it to fly over the opponent’s head. Aim high and deep so that it lands near the baseline.

6. Footwork and Movement

In padel tennis, moving well is critical because the ball can bounce off the glass walls, making it hard to predict where it will land. Work on your feet with fast and smooth movements in different directions to cover the court and respond to any situation.

Learning proper footwork techniques can improve your speed, coordination, balance, and agility. Practice working side to side, forward and back, and diagonal moves. Always keep your knees slightly bent, and always stay on the balls of your feet, ready to change direction.


Padel tennis offers exciting gameplay for all levels of players. Mastering the essential Padel tennis skills is an excellent investment in ensuring you have the best playing ability. To become successful in Padel tennis play, you need good grip and stance, a powerful serve, accurate volleys, skillful drop shots, high lob shots, and excellent footwork and movement.

Remember to practice every Padel tennis skill, and work your way from the easiest to the most challenging skill. With enough hard work, dedication, and practice, you’ll become a Padel tennis pro in no time.

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