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Key Padel Tactics to Know Before You Play

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Key Padel Tactics to Know Before You Play

Are you new to padel and looking to improve your game? Or maybe you’ve been playing for a while but want to take your skills to the next level. Either way, understanding the basic tactics of padel is crucial for your success on the court. Here are some key padel tactics to know before you play.

Serve and Return

The serve and return are the two most important shots in padel. The server should aim for accuracy over power, as a good serve can set up a strong position for the rest of the point. A common tactic is to serve to the backhand side of the opponent, as this is often a weaker shot for many players.

When returning a serve, focus on placement over power. Aim for the opponent’s weaker side or the middle of the court, as this can make it more difficult for them to return the ball effectively.

Movement and Positioning

Padel is a game that requires quick movement and good positioning. One important tactic is to always be moving, even when you are not hitting the ball. This can help you anticipate where the ball will go and get into a better position to hit it.

When it comes to positioning, try to stay in the center of the court as much as possible. This gives you the best chance to reach any shot that your opponent hits. If you are playing doubles, communication with your partner is key to avoid overlapping and being caught out of position.

Volleying and Smash

Volleying is a key skill in padel and can help you control the pace of the game. The goal of volleying is to hit the ball as soon as it comes over the net, before it bounces on the court. Practice your volleying technique and aim to hit the ball low and deep into your opponent’s court.

The smash is a powerful shot that can be used to end points quickly. However, it should only be used when you are in a good position to hit the ball and have a high chance of making the shot. A common tactic is to use the smash to put pressure on your opponent and force them to hit a weaker shot.


These are just a few of the basic tactics that you should keep in mind when playing padel. Remember to focus on accuracy over power, be quick and alert on the court, and communicate with your partner if playing doubles. With practice and experience, you’ll be able to develop more advanced tactics and strategies to take your game to the next level. Good luck and have fun on the court!

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