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Introduction to Basic Paddle Strokes in Padel

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Introduction to Basic Paddle Strokes in Padel

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, padel has become a popular pastime for many people. If you are new to the sport, getting to know the basic paddle strokes is the best place to start. In this article, we will introduce you to the fundamental paddle strokes needed to play padel and have a great time on the court.

The Forehand

The forehand is the most basic of all paddle strokes in padel. It is the shot used when the ball is hit on the same side as the dominant hand of the player. To perform a forehand shot, take a step forward with your dominant foot, and position yourself perpendicular to the ball. Then, using your dominant arm, swing the paddle forward and make contact with the ball at your waist. This stroke is used for both offensive and defensive shots on the court.

The Backhand

The backhand is the opposite of the forehand and is used when the ball is hit on the opposite side of the dominant hand. To perform a backhand shot, shift your weight to your back foot, and position yourself so that you are facing the ball. Your dominant hand should be behind you, and you should use your non-dominant arm to guide the shot. Swing your paddle forward and make contact with the ball at your waist.

The Serve

The serve is the most important shot in padel and is used to start each point. To perform the serve, begin by standing behind the service line with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand, and with your dominant arm, swing the paddle back and bring it forward to hit the ball. The ball should be hit diagonally across the court and should land in the opposite service box.

The Smash

The smash is an offensive shot used to finish a point. To perform a smash, position yourself close to the net with your dominant arm raised above your head. When the ball comes towards you, jump and hit it with your paddle using an overhead swing. This shot is used to overpower your opponent and win the point.

The Lob

The lob is a defensive shot used to get the ball over an opponent who is near the net. To perform a lob, position yourself at the back of the court and hit the ball with an upward swing, letting it go over the opponent’s head. The ball should land in the back half of the court, giving you time to recover.


Now that you know the basic paddle strokes used in padel, you are ready to get out on the court and start playing. While these shots may seem simple, mastering them will take time and practice. Remember, paddle strokes must be comfortable and confident so that they can be performed with ease during a game. Get together with some friends or take a lesson with a professional to perfect your skills and enjoy playing the exciting sport of padel.

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