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How to Receive a Serve in Padel: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Receive a Serve in Padel: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re just getting started with padel or need a refresher, receiving a serve can be a tricky thing to master. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to receive a serve in padel like a pro.

Step 1: Get in Position

As soon as the server is ready, position yourself approximately two meters from the net, in the center of the court. Keep your knees slightly bent and your racquet raised in anticipation of the serve.

Step 2: Watch the Ball

Be sure to keep your eye on the ball as soon as it is served. It may seem obvious but it’s worth mentioning, do not turn your head to look at the server. Paying close attention to the ball will help you prepare for the return.

Step 3: Assess the Serve

Quickly evaluate the type of serve and its direction. Is the serve coming towards the left side of the court or the right? Is it a high or low serve? Will it bounce once or twice before it reaches you? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you prepare to return the serve.

Step 4: Move Your Feet

Footwork is key in padel, and receiving a serve is no different. Move your feet according to the type and direction of the serve, and position yourself to hit the ball with your forehand or backhand.

Step 5: Use the Walls to Your Advantage

Remember, in padel you can play off the walls as much as you want. So if the serve is too difficult to return directly, try hitting it off the walls to get it back to your opponents’ side.

Step 6: Keep Your Shot Low

In padel, it’s essential to keep your shots low to the net. This gives your opponents less time to react and makes it harder for them to return your shot.

Step 7: Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, the more you practice receiving serves, the better you will become. Incorporate practicing serves into your padel routine, and you’ll quickly see your returns improve.

Remember, when it comes to receiving a serve in padel, getting in position, watching the ball, assessing the serve, moving your feet, using the walls to your advantage, keeping your shot low and consistently practicing are key to success. Follow these steps, and you’re well on your way to mastering this fundamental padel rule.

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