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How to Hit a Perfect Padel Smash Slice

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How to Hit a Perfect Padel Smash Slice

If you’re looking to add some real power to your Padel game, then mastering the Smash Slice could be just the thing for you. A Padel Smash Slice is a powerful offensive move that sends the ball flying back to your opponent at a significantly faster speed. Here’s how to perfect it.

Step 1: Positioning

To start, prepare yourself with the right positioning. First, place yourself on the tee, and get close to the net. Next, stance with a semi-open and stable foot position. Keep your knees slightly bent, and take the paddle back behind you, as you keep your non-dominant hand steady on the grip.

Step 2: Technique

As the ball comes towards you, keep your eye on it and track it carefully. Your aim is to hit the ball right after it bounces by using an overhead strike known as a smash. However, with the Smash Slice, unlike a normal smash, the motion is more of a cutting action.

To perform the slice, you must hit the ball with an angle that’s more horizontal than vertical. The result is a powerful passive slice that will challenge your opponent’s defensive abilities.

Step 3: Follow Through

After hitting the ball with a horizontal action, ensure that you follow the ball downwards towards your opponent. This is key to disrupting your opponent’s defense and putting them under pressure to make a return.

Step 4: Practice

As with any new skill, practice makes perfect. To truly master the Smash Slice, get plenty of reps in, focusing on perfecting your technique with each hit.


Successfully performing the Padel Smash Slice will take time and practice, but the payoff is worth it. With a more powerful and efficient offensive game, your opponents will be unable to keep up with your winning strokes. Get out there and start adding some extra sting to your game by hitting the Padel Smash Slice.

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