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Amplifying your game with basic padel shots

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Amplifying your game with basic padel shots

If you’re new to the world of padel, learning the basic shots is the first step towards mastering the game. These shots might be simple, but they are the backbone of your padel game. These foundational shots combined with teamwork can lead to some impressive reflexes, powerful shots, and incredible saves.

In this article, we’ll discuss some basic padel shots to help you get started in your padel journey.


The serve is the first shot you make in padel. It’s an essential shot and requires precision to start the game. The objective is to hit the ball over the net and into your opponent’s service box. The serve in padel is an underhand serve, which is different from other sports like tennis, where the serve is an overhead shot. Practice your serve diligently, and it will pay off as a consistent serve helps set up the rest of your shots.


The volley is a basic shot in padel and often used in the early stages of a rally. A volley is when you hit the ball before it bounces. The volley is important in padel because it helps you control the point from the very beginning. A good volley can change the momentum of the game by allowing you to dictate the pace of the rally.

Forehand and Backhand

Forehand and backhand shots are the backbone of any padel game. A forehand is a typical shot where you swing the racquet forward, and the ball travels in the opposite direction. A backhand is a type of shot where you swing the racquet in a reverse direction to hit the ball. The forehand and backhand are the two primary shots that a padel player uses, so it’s essential to practice them to ensure they are strong and consistent.


The smash is one of the most powerful shots in padel. It’s an overhead shot when you smash the ball downwards with full force towards the opponent’s side of the court. The smash can be an effective finisher and is often used to finish off a rally. A well-placed smash can leave your opponents scrambling to return the ball.


The lob is a shot that sends the ball high in the air over your opponent’s head. It is vital when playing against aggressive opponents who tend to step too close to the net. A lob can help you gain control of the point and build momentum.

In conclusion, mastering basic padel shots will go a long way in amplifying your game. With consistent practice and perfecting the correct technique, these shots become natural and significantly improve the confidence for you and your team on the court. So, get out there and start practicing!

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