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A-Z of Padel Tennis Terms: From ‘Ace’ to ‘Volley’

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A-Z of Padel Tennis Terms: From ‘Ace’ to ‘Volley’

As a newcomer to padel tennis, it is essential to understand the sport’s terminology to appreciate the game. The unique mixture of tennis and squash has several unique terms not found in traditional tennis. In this article, we shall take a look at the A-Z of padel tennis terms, from ‘Ace’ to ‘Volley.’


Much like in tennis, an Ace in padel tennis refers to a serve that the receiving player fails to return or hit back.


Bandeja is a high shot hit mostly by the players when they want to hit the ball higher, and deep in the opposing court.


Chiquita refers to a short shot, mostly hit from the net, with an extreme amount of spin to keep the ball low and slow, making it difficult to return.


also, known as a flat shot, the drive is a shot hit with power and minimal spin. The goal is to hit the ball hard and deep, making it tough to return and keep the opponent at bay.


This term refers to a decisive smash that aims to send the ball over the opponent’s head and to the back of their court.

Foot fault

A foot fault happens when the server fails to keep both feet behind the service line during a serve.

Game point

When a player requires only one more point to win the game, they are said to be at game point.


A half-volley is the art of hitting the ball immediately after it bounces, with the least amount of contact possible.


An interception happens when a player anticipates the course of the ball and moves to intercept it before it reaches the opponent, usually resulting in a winning point.


Juego is the Spanish term for ‘Game.’

Killer Shot

A favorite amongst expert padel tennis players, a killer shot is hit hard enough to make the opponent misjudge the trajectory of the ball and failing to return it.


A lob is a high shot deliberately hit over the opponent’s head to make it fall back in their court.

Match point

Match point is when a player is just one point away from winning the entire match.

Net cord

A net cord happens when the ball hits the net and drops over to the other side, either helping or impeding the player.


An overhead shot is a high and powerful shot hit over the player’s head, making it difficult to defend.


The paddle is the racquet used to play padel tennis.

Que Pasa

A Spanish term that means, ‘What happened?’ or ‘What’s up?’


A return can be any shot hit back in response to the opponent’s shot.


The smash is a powerful overhand shot aimed at striking the ball over the net and to the opponent’s side.


A topspin is a hit that involves imparting a forward-spinning rotation to the ball, producing a stronger, more powerful shot.


An underspin is a shot that involves imparting a backspin to the ball, resulting in a slower, lower bouncing ball.


A volley is any shot hit in the air and striking the ball before it bounces.

In conclusion, understanding the padel tennis terminology is essential for anyone looking to master the sport. From serving an ace to hitting a winning smash, the A-Z of padel tennis terms listed above will help you communicate effectively on the court while enhancing your gameplay. Keep these terms in mind, and you’ll be playing Padel Tennis like a pro in no time.

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