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A Comprehensive Look at the Basic Padel Rules

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A Comprehensive Look at the Basic Padel Rules

As a relatively new sport, padel has been gaining popularity across the world. This fast-paced, exciting game is a combination of tennis and squash and is played in a court that’s about one-third the size of a tennis court. Here’s a comprehensive look at the basic padel rules that every beginner needs to know.

The Court and Equipment

Padel is played in a rectangular court that measures 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. The court is divided into two halves by a net, just like in tennis. The height of the net is 88 centimeters in the center and 92 centimeters on the sides.

Players use a padel racket to hit a padel ball, which is similar to a tennis ball but smaller and less bouncy. The rackets are made of carbon fiber or a similar material, and must have perforations on the surface.

The Basic Rules

The aim of the game is to win points by hitting the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court, in a way that the opponent can’t return it. Here are some of the basic padel rules that you need to know:

– The game is usually played in teams of two players each, but can also be played in singles.

– At the start of the game, a coin toss is held to decide which team serves first.

– The serve must be made underhand and hit the ball after it has bounced on the ground once. The serve must be hit diagonally to the opponent’s court.

– The ball can be volleyed or hit after the bounce. Players are allowed to use the walls of the court to hit the ball, as long as it bounces once on the ground before hitting the wall.

– A point is won when the ball bounces twice on the opponent’s court or if the opponent fails to hit the ball back over the net.

– If the ball hits the net during the game, it’s called a ‘let’ and the point is replayed.

– Players are not allowed to step into their opponent’s court while playing or touch the net with their body or racket, as this results in a loss of point.

– If the ball goes out of the court or hits the ceiling before bouncing, it’s considered out of play and a point is awarded to the opponent.

The Scoring System

The scoring system in padel is slightly different from tennis, as the points are counted in sets of 15. The first team to win four points wins the game. If both teams reach three points, the score is ‘Deuce’, and the game continues until one team gets a two-point lead.

A match is usually played as the best of three or five sets. The team that wins the most sets wins the match.


Now that you know the basic padel rules, you’re ready to hit the court and try your luck at this exciting game. Remember to always keep your eye on the ball, and never give up on a point. With practice and dedication, you’ll soon become a pro at this fast-paced sport.

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