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A Beginner’s Guide to Padel Terms and Definitions

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A Beginner’s Guide to Padel Terms and Definitions

Are you new to padel and feeling overwhelmed by all the jargon? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a beginner’s guide to some of the most common terms and definitions in padel.

Padel Court

The padel court is a smaller version of a tennis court, with glass walls and wire mesh terrain. The dimensions of the padel court may vary depending on the location, but typically ranges from 10 meters by 20 meters. The walls provide an opportunity for players to hit the ball off and create challenging shots.


The service, also known as the serve, is the first shot in a game. The player who is serving must stand behind the baseline and serve the ball into the opponent’s service box. The serve must be made underhanded, and the ball must bounce once in the service box before the opponent attempts to hit it back.

Return of service

The return of service is the shot made by the player who receives the serve. The objective of the return of service is to get the ball past the opponent and onto the other side of the court. The return player can hit the ball directly or can use the walls to make the return more challenging.


A volley is a shot made by a player without letting the ball to bounce off the ground. The volley is considered to be a challenging shot as it requires quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The most common scenario for a volley shot is during a point when the ball is hit low over the net.


The smash is a powerful shot that is made using an overhead hitting motion. The objective of the smash is to hit the ball with such force and accuracy that the opponent will not be able to get it back on their side of the court. The smash is an important tool in the padel player’s arsenal and is used to end a point quickly.


A lob is a shot hit high into the air, usually over the opponent’s head. The objective of the lob is to force the opponent back towards the back of the court, giving the player more time to move into a better position. The lob can be particularly useful when playing against aggressive opponents.


Deuce is a term used in tennis and padel to describe when the score is tied at 40-40. When the score is deuce, the next player to win a point will gain the advantage.


Advantage is a term used when one player has won a point while the score is deuce. If the player who won the point goes on to win the next point, they will win the game. If they lose the next point, the score reverts back to deuce.


Padel may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand the terms and definitions you’ll be able to enjoy the game even more. Remember to practice and have fun, and always strive to improve your skills. With this beginner’s guide, you’ll be ready to hit the court and take on the competition – good luck out there!

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