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5 Essential Padel Exercises for Beginners

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5 Essential Padel Exercises for Beginners

If you’re new to padel, you might be wondering how to improve your game quickly. The good news is that there are specific padel exercises beginners can do that will help them develop basic skills and improve their overall game. Here are five exercises that you should start including in your routine to elevate your padel performance.

1. Wall-Hit Drills

Wall-hit drills are one of the most critical padel exercises beginners can do to improve their accuracy and reaction time. To get started, stand two meters from the wall, with your feet parallel and your padel racket held out in front of you. Then, hit the ball against the wall with forehand and backhand shots alternatively. As you progress, you can increase the speed and intensity of the drill.

2. Service Practice

The service is a crucial element of padel, and practicing it can improve your game significantly. Position yourself in the designated serving area, and practice hitting the ball to the service box. Pay attention to your shot placement and technique, and work on perfecting it.

3. Lunge and Reach Practice

The lunge and reach is another essential skill that every beginner should work on. This exercise will help you learn how to move your body quickly and efficiently to reach the ball. To do this exercise, start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lunge forward with one foot and reach for the ball. As you progress, you can work on more complex movement patterns and challenge yourself to move faster.

4. Footwork Drills

Padel is a fast-paced sport that requires quick movements, so it’s essential to develop good footwork. Focus on exercises that improve your footwork, such as quick side steps and figure-eight drills. These drills will help you move more efficiently on the court, making it easier to return the ball.

5. Conditioning Exercises

Finally, padel requires good speed and endurance, so it’s crucial to work on your conditioning. Incorporate exercises like jumping jacks, jogging, and stationary bike rides into your training routine to develop the necessary strength, stamina, and endurance.


In conclusion, these five padel exercises beginners can do are essential to improve their game. By practicing these exercises regularly, you’ll develop better accuracy, movement, and endurance, which will ultimately help you perform better on the court. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep training, and soon you’ll be a skilled padel player!

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